Wednesday, September 3, 2008

fuck the rnc

at what point did i lose all respect for the republican national convention? i'm not sure if it was before or after the chants coaxed by giuliani of "drill baby, drill!"

okay... i am sure. it was after.

but, whining about 'sexism' with attacks relating to sarah palin is quite the load of shit. fox is the same network that took such issue with hillary clinton's 'woman issues/breakdown' a half year ago. these are the biggest hypocrites that have ever walked the earth, and yet have the nerve to try and point fingers and find fault in everything that the democrats do.

they STILL say obama doesn't have enough experience, though palin only has two years to barack's four. palin was leading in alaska - the whole fucking state is still under a million.

any respect i had for giuliani has gone out the window. i know palin can't be on the offensive this evening because she has to defend her slutty daughter who was taught to use a moose skin condom, but saying obama has no credibility because he chose to work in the inner city instead of on wall street is such a skeezy move.

i hate republicans. fear-mongering douche bags. call me close minded. call me ignorant. maybe my morals are off key, but at least i don't play victim when it just so happens to work for my campaign. i don't base my life, and politics, around a 2000 year old book.

i believe in global warming and climate change. i believe in evolution. i believe people should be treated equally. i know that change is possible for our country, but we have to be truly open to it. the rich shouldn't just be given tax breaks, it's the people who need that money most that should be receiving it. sorry to all you republicans who still think our school systems are so stellar, and that the war was justifiable. you are all fucked in the head.

if obama had a 17 year old daughter who was pregnant, and unwed, all fox news would be spouting is how this is a shining example of the 'urban culture' that does not fully understand the consequences of their actions.

watching the rnc makes me ill. dear god - vote obama. the world can't take another four years of this.

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