Monday, September 1, 2008

alaska is not a good decision

when picking a vp running mate.

Everything up north is saturated with oil money, which can almost guarentee every representivie is doing something illegal or is in some corperation's pocket. Well ok... that does sound like the perfect scenario for a republican canidate...

But, it was just released that Sarah Palin's teenage daughter is pregnant. I suppose the only worse option would have been if they had an abortion.

See what happens when you preach the conservative approach of anti-contraception bullshit? Your daughter ends up poppin' one out before she can legally vote.

Keep shooting yourselves in the foot republicans.

ps - just announced on the news today (9/2) that over 26 million in earmarks were awarded to the town, wasilla, that palin was major of... but wait... isn't that in direct conflict with mccain fighting earmarks and wasteful government spending?

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