Sunday, September 7, 2008

doubts and fears of broken legs

with each step i take further during my training runs, it becomes harder to push out of my mind, 'when will my legs give out?' will it be a sprain? a fracture? a clean break? a car? an ankle? one shin or two?

the list of endless possibilities of injury weigh heavy on my mind. with the increase of speed on my longer runs, i find myself having to ice my minor injuries constantly. waiting, and hoping, that nothing will become too serious... thus forcing me to discontinue my training...

juggling pushing myself in training and preventing injury is becoming quite the interesting act.

i race again this sunday in a 15 miler.

this week will be taken lighter as a semi-taper. hopefully my legs will hold for another six weeks until i get the columbus marathon out of the way, then take a bit of a break from the past seven months of constant training.

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