Thursday, October 23, 2008

roughing a plan

since recently qualifying for boston i have been doing some soul searching, self-inflection, and pondering of where to take my training next. obviously, boston won't be happening until spring, but do i set a more difficult goal, such as breaking three-hours or back off a bit to a 7:30 pace?

it comes down to a matter of higher risk of injury vs. personal accomplishment.

i'm still torn on the decision (it's only been three days of thinking about it, but normally shit is pretty black or white with me). i do plan to pursue taking down an ironman in the next year or two, pending location and work situation. an injury would be extremely inconvenient and counterproductive.

for now, all attention will be turned to boston and determining what time to aim for. yes. i do know boston is much harder then cbus, and has notoriously destructive hills towards the end. no reason to accept defeat before the race even starts though.

game on.

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