Saturday, October 18, 2008

Religulous and W.

Religulous was a great movie. 'blasphemy' has never been presented in such a inquisitive and humorous way. bill maher questions the purists of a few of the major religios from orthodox jews to baptist christians to muslim anti-extremists. he challenges the heart and souls of these religions in a succinct and witty documentary-esk format.

i recommend it for anyone who has ever doubted organized religion.

W. was a bit boring. since the conversations were all 'based on' real life, most could have been imagined by the average person after just watching the nightly news. the movie would have been much better if it had focused on the beginnings of bush's life, before he enter the national spotlight. half the movie did take place in the past, but there was no real take away from it.

watch it if you feel the urge, but i'm sure there are much better documentaries or books that cover more of the unknown's of his life.

the movies do pair well. while Religulous focuses on how religion has driven mankind into such conflict, W. then gives a shining example of a mind misled by its 'calling from god.'

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