Tuesday, October 7, 2008

needed: new approach

both candidates talk of how, on some level, every american needs healthcare. how they accomplish that is a bit different. neither one is addressing the issue of prevention.

america severely needs to change from a society based on fast food convenience and filth to one that has an ounce of health-conscience decision making.

eat a carrot instead of some french fries. scratch that... just don't XL the fries. won't a medium do? get the people to start making some of their own food. why do you think europeans are so much healthier and happier then us? they go to mc donald's once a month, if that. to them it is an american novelty - a summarization of our gluttonous culture.

strip the immoderate accessibility from the fast food market. stop cutting children's phys-ed classes. start providing introductions to alternative sports to gain a greater interest in physical activity. kids should not be limited to just basketball, football and dodgeball during their awkward years.

diversify. think back to simpler times. kill the clutter and take a moment to focus on what is being consumed. the amount of chemicals in even the 'cleanest' of foods is baffling.

... or we can continue on our path of disgusting over-consumption and pay ridiculous premiums for healthcare.

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