Sunday, October 19, 2008

boston qualifier

just ran the c-bus marathon with a time of 3:09:15 (7:14 pace).

here's the training plan i made up to accomplish this (this plan is a combination of my knowledge and experience of triathlon cross-training and reading a ton of marathon training plans):

sun - off
mon - (90 - 100 min) med pace
tues - (50 - 60 min) strength
wed - (50 min) tempo
thurs - (30 and 30 cycling and pushup regiment)
fri - (30 - 40 min) strength
sat - (120 - 160 min) med-slow run

when starting off, cut all the run times in half, and then increase them according to the time until your marathon.

tuesday's strength training session is focused on upper-body with low weight and high reps. also a set or two of light leg lifts.

thursday's strength workout is leg and core focused.

let me know if there are any further questions.

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