Wednesday, October 22, 2008

honey mustard chicken recipe you can too!

after eating a semi-delicious sandwich at pj's last sunday (i was still hungry from the marathon. it was probably really gross and i was just delirious.) i came to the realization that i fucking love honey mustard.

inspired by my rediscovery, i began to search for a recipe to grill up monday night. most recipes over complicate. same case here. i don't have the time or money to buy fifteen ingredients when the recipe really just needs three or four. this also goes back to the cooking logic i learned in parma of simplify, use less, and cook poor.

i found a ratio recipe that followed those guidelines exactly:

1/3 butter (i used whipped for a creamier taste)
1/3 mustard (i bought a course-ground dijon)
1/3 honey (i used a local producer, $2.20 a bottle!)

if you use the 1/3 ratio to 1/3 cups, 1 cup will cover 1lb of chicken, though i like to make extra because i like my shit saucy.

i marinated the chicken in a light coating of kalamata olive oil, sea salt, and fresh ground pepper. i always throw in some paprika for good measure.

start the chicken on the grill. when the first side is beginning to look done, flip it and the spread the honey mustard mixture upon that cooked side. then once the other side looks close to done, do the same. re-marinate the first side with the hm. close the grill, give it a minute to get sexy. plate and serve. or refrigerate. or freeze.

mother also recommended that next time i try adding some minced garlic to the mix.

simple. easy. cheap.

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