Thursday, July 31, 2008

olympic limitations

i can't believe the bullshit that china is pulling with restricting coverage of the olympics. it's one thing to rule your country in such an anal, backward, fashion, but when playing host to the world, i'm not sure how they can justify enforcing their ridiculous limitations on our foreign media.

the olympics represent world unity. a competition that has no borders, and should have no restrictions to how it is viewed. it's supposed to be left up to each government covering the games to decide what they will, and will not, show in their countries. yet some how the olympic committee is not pressing china to hold to its original promise of 'free access and free media' when it was awarded the games.

i hope china has a change of heart and allows reporters to do their jobs. a country that is so afraid of negativity toward their image is causing it by trying to govern and restrict how the world sees them. dumb.

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