Monday, July 28, 2008

best meal of the summer

living in italy for three months has allowed me to eat some fantastic food. the best meal i ate here, well actually in my whole life (no exaggeration here), was this past friday.

for apertivo (aka warm-up):
margarita pizza, to which i added boscorelli (cured beef)

eggplant parmesan - though the eggplant was grilled, and it was served out of a deep pan in which there were 4+ layers of deliciousness.

porco cotto - but this was nothing like an cooked pork i have ever ever ever had. it was baked in oil/ butter, rosemary, sage, and garlic. i swear this was the best meat i have ever tasted. this cooked pork laughs at bacon, and cries for the way my grandmother cooks her disgusting holiday ham. americans have fucked up pork. seriously.

panne cotto topped with carmel and another with mixed berries. blew my mind.

add in the fact we were drinking some incredible brew, and that i was in great company... unbeatable.

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