Saturday, August 16, 2008

revised life plan.

after some pondering and deep self-inflection i have come to figure out where i am headed in the shuffle board match of life.

- work at crispin this fall.
- head back to pratt for the spring and summer semesters to finish (ew.)
- convince my dream agency that they should pay me money.
- try to do something positive for the world

- begin working on interior design and take my graphic design abilities to another level.
- win some kind of superficial award.
- bank capital. spend money. save money.
- avoid needing a car.
- keep thinking on what i could do to better the world.

10 - 20 years long-term:
- open a restaurant with my bros. design everything from the lighting to the forks (aka an exit plan from advertising).
- actually do something positive for the world - outside of offering excellent food...

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