Saturday, August 30, 2008

it's on ohio.

after running the Columbus Half, and really thinking over the smartest way to qualify for Boston, i have decided to return for the Columbus Marathon. i was originally thinking i would run the Denver Marathon since i will be out in Boulder anyway.... it takes place on the same day... but is also located a mile in the air and only has pace teams for 3:20 and above.

my time was effected negatively by the heat in the cbus half. this made me come to the conclusion that if i ran the Denver Marathon i could be fully conditioned to run a 3:10, but miss it due to having to also compensate for the lack of oxygen. i have spent way too many months training to have my time hindered by something out of my control. i would only have four weeks to adjust to the altitude, do my peak training run, and a proper taper. now i can use the altitude to benefit me when i return to the near sea-level conditions of Columbus.

so i bought a plane ticket to come back on wednesday the 15th and will be returning to Denver (very early morning) of the 20th.

i have also signed up to run with cliff bar 3:10 pace team.

join me in running the Columbus Marathon.

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