Tuesday, August 26, 2008

bad people

if some higher power does exist, they might find humor in our denial of the inevitable destruction of our society through 'natural' disasters and some incurable plague. morbid? maybe. though after hearing this morning about the continuing trial of a woman who put her baby in a microwave in order to kill it we all have it coming.

i fully understand that in the natural order of the animal kingdom that offspring are murdered by parents constantly. fact of life. eat the young or die yourself. though this does not, by any means, apply to primates or humans. we guard our youth - some animals will be so heart broken by the loss of their young that they will continue to carry around the body and try to nurse is back to health like some warped hopes of a doll coming to life.

bit of a tangent, but back to the point. how did twisted acts of brutality become something so accepted by society that this story barely has an impact on us, and doesn't make the evening news? are mccain's $500+ shoes really that great? is michelle obama's lack of pride in our country really that surprising?

at what point does the bad outweigh the good of humanity?

here's the terrible story.

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