Saturday, November 1, 2008

next step

this one is not coming tomorrow... or next month... maybe next year...

i said that if i could qualify for boston, then i could run an ironman. i did a half distance a year and a half ago, but wanted to make sure i would be able to handle the marathon portion on the end of the full race.

i do not naturally run a 7:15 for twenty-six miles. it took eight months of training and focus, but i knew if i could get my time down from my previous 7:59 miles, that i would then be able to stick to an ironman plan.

i will be running boston this coming spring. then, pending work/ school situation, i will either convert my training back to multi-sport, and do an ironman winter 2009 (in the south), or continue on with marathon training, do nyc, and then train for an ironman 2010.

regardless, this is the tri-bike i will buy and race with.

the cervelo p3 carbon... it costs $3000+. thus why i need a job before i get into this business. my raleigh grad prix just won't cut it anymore.

yes, i do realize i could buy a mediocre used car for that price, but what's the accomplishment in that?

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