Tuesday, July 14, 2009

retarded californian

this was the conversation i had with a dude at the bike shop here in imperial beach:

me: hey man, i can't get the bead of my tire to go around the tube, can you figure it out?

him: i dunno man, probably not if you can't.

me: don't you guys have any tire tools that could fix something like this?

him: did you try putting air in it?

me: yes. the tubes bubbling up because the tire's wire bead isn't wrapping fully around it...

him: wow man... that's trippy

me: /disappointed sigh/ is there ANYTHING you can do?

him: i don't know what to tell you man. like fill it with air and work it with your fingers or like a tool or something...

me: okay. bye.

that's what i get for taking a road wheel to a dude who works on fucking cruisers all day. i hate you cali bike shops and your ugly fat-tired bikes.

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