Wednesday, July 29, 2009

ironman prospecting

now that boston is checked off the 'to do' list, it's on to an ironman. since they can take up to nine months to train for, i'll be looking to the 2010 season to take one down.

during my initial research i have discovered that is extremely hard to register for a WTC Ironman Series race (most people recommend going to the '09 race to sign up for the '10). i'm still a broke-ass college kid, so flying to a place just to sign up for a race is a bit extravagant for me. i'd prefer to spend that extra travel/ lodging money on a sexy tri-bike.

instead i have been looking into some iron-distance races, and here is what i've found (all dates subject to change for '10 schedule)...

Big Foot Triathlon
Harrison Mills, B.C., Canada
August 8

Great Floridian Triathlon
Clermont, Florida
October 24

Redman Triathlon
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
October 24

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