Tuesday, February 24, 2009

shred your extras

for the second time in the past month my work has been ripped off.

first - the chelsea smile logo i made up for the band was stolen by an l.a. based group, with a very similar name, that had forced the cbus group to change up their name. so the band took it upon themselves to utilize my fucking logo without getting any rights or approval from me or the band i made it for.

second - today, a cheating, moral-free, mother fucker in my type iv class decided he didn't feel like completing the assignment. so he went fishing in the recycling bin of the print lab for treasures he could call his own. he grabbed five of my compositions that i had tossed out due to incorrect sizing. this cockbag brought the work in to present as his own. my larger color prints were three people away from his. so when we got to cheater's work i called him out hardcore. the teachers decided to just have some strong words about not copying and when you can 'call something your own.'

the irony - one of the pieces the kid stole read:

i think the fucker should have been booted from the class. i will now trounce that douche in every critique to come. i hate nothing more than liars, thieves, and cheaters.

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